Have you ever considered adult orthodontics to dramatically improve your teeth and smile? If we told you there was an affordable, discreet, flexible and painless way to straighten your teeth today would you be interested? You should be!

Here’s the good news. Orthodontics in Newcastle has come a long way in recent years and with breakthroughs in modern dentistry like invisible braces, leading dentists in Newcastle like Ewan Bramley Dental Care can give you the perfect smile in a matter of months!

Adult orthodontics is a specialist branch of modern dentistry that will make sure your jaws are properly aligned and will straighten your teeth. Not only will this make your smile look great, it will transform your oral hygiene and will make eating your favourite foods a whole lot easier.

Why should I get Orthodontics in Newcastle?

Adult orthodontics is an amazing treatment which will dramatically improve the position, function and appearance of your teeth if they’re crooked or misaligned.

One of our popular orthodontic treatments, discreet braces in Newcastle, will gently guide your teeth back into position and, because they’re practically invisible, you’ll be able to get on with your life as normal while they work their magic.

Of course, the treatment length will depend on the condition of your teeth, but typically our patients can have a beautiful straight smile in as little as six months!

What are my options and what makes discreet braces great?

If you want to show off your teeth and smile with confidence, Ewan Bramley has a full range of adult orthodontics including removable braces, invisible braces, discreet braces, dental retainers and so much more.

Once we’ve had you in for your free consultation so we can assess the best method of treatment for you, we may decide discreet braces are the way forward.

If this is the case, you’ll benefit from…

  • Practically invisible braces
  • Fantastic and noticeable results in less than 6 months
  • No extractions
  • Interest-free credit

And a fully qualified team of friendly, understanding and fully qualified dentist.

Oh, and we’ll even give you free teeth whitening and a free dental flosser (together worth over £200) to give you the perfect gleaming white smile.

What makes Ewan Bramley so great?

Amongst other areas of dental perfection we strive for here at the practice, Ewan Bramley Dental Care specialises in the field of adult orthodontics. We are nationally recognised as a leading provider of discreet braces and have treated hundreds of happy customers at our beautiful state-of-the-art practice on the North Shields Fish Quay.

Sounds good doesn’t it? That’s because it is!

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