After Brace Fit | | Ewan Bramley Dental Care

Congratulations on becoming a brace face! Your teeth are now on the way to being beautifully straight! 

What should you expect after the brace has been fitted? 

The day of the brace fit you may find yourself with a bit of a lisp. This will stop after a few days, don’t worry it’s not permanent. 

Your teeth will be a little tender. Think pressing on a bruise.This is perfectly normal as your teeth are now starting to move. Keep some paracetamol handy just incase. You should notice this easing after a few days. 

It will take you a few days to get used to the brace, after all this is something totally new to your mouth. You may experience some ulcers, again this is normal. A bit ulcer gel and some wax to go over the brackets and you’ll be right as rain. 

Sometimes a bite blocks will be placed. This is a bit of dental cement that goes on to the biting surface of your back teeth. We place these to make sure you do not bite on to the brace and damage them. This can take a few days to get used to. 

A bracket has fallen off! Oh no! Don’t worry. Give us a ring and we will get it stuck back on for you. 

Like anything, something new on your teeth will take some getting used too. Just think how beautiful your teeth will look after! Everything will settle and you will be used to wearing them in no time. You may find the brace annoying at times




Dr. Ewan Bramley Owner & Dentist

Ewan Bramley has more than 15 years experience in British dentistry. Graduating from Glasgow University in 1996, Ewan spent one year working in a dental practice in central Glasgow before moving back to his native North East to join his father’s practice in North Shields. Here, Ewan practised from 1997 until 2009, before going it alone to set up his own private practice.

Operating outside the constraints of the NHS, Ewan Bramley Dental Care is now an established and leading private dental company, offering patients effective and affordable cosmetic and general dentistry.

“I have been a dentist for over seventeen years now and I am really happy to say the more I do it the more I love it. I have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to open a brand new state-of-the-art dental practice providing, what I feel, is the best dental care available today.” Ewan Bramley.