Are you currently wearing dentures and you would like a more permanent solution?
Finding it hard to tolerate dentures?
Have low self esteem due to your dentures moving when eating?
If you say yes to any of the above, all on 4 dental implants may be the treatment for you.

What are all on 4 dental implants?

The all on 4 technique is a way of replacing a full arch  or a full mouth of missing teeth. It allows fixed teeth to be installed on the same day dental implants are placed. The dentist will strategically place 4 implants then anchor a dental bridge onto the implants. 

Fixed Hybrid denture 

What’s good about them?

  • Once placed, the dental bridge will not slip or drop like dentures. 
  • No need for denture glue 
  • No need for a denture
  • Leave with teeth on the same day
  • Involves less surgery

What’s bad about them?

  • Chance of failure
  • Long time in the chair
  • Healing period before final bridge is fitted 
  • Soft diet for a month or so 

What if one implant fails?

There is a 95% success rate for all on 4. All on 4 implants can fail for various reasons. Sometimes overloading the implants or maybe the implants will not take to the bone. In each case there will be a solution and your dentist will be able to give you an alternative treatment. 

Will it be painful?

Just like the placement of a single implant, this procedure can be done under local anaesthetic. Some practices will offer sedation or Nucalm if needed. The areas where the implants have been placed may be tender for a few days after. Most people can get by with using genetic painkillers. 

What is the process?

Your first appointment will be for a consultation. This is a straight forward appointment where you tell the dentist what you want and they tell you what’s involved. 

Your second appointment us for the data collection. A CBCT scan will be taken of your teeth to enable us to view if you are suitable for the procedure. During this time appointment the dentist may also take some clinical photos, measurements and advise on a suitable treatment plan. 

The third appointment will be for the treatment. You will be numb for the whole treatment so don’t worry about it being painful! 

You will then have a beautiful smile on leaving the surgery and come back for a review a month later then to have the final restoration fitted after the healing period. 

What happens on the day of the treatment?

Models of the teeth will be taken to enable the technician to make your temporary bridge. The colour, shape and position of the teeth will be altered to create the result you are happy with. 

You will be numbed and the dentist will remove any loose teeth. The implants will be placed and the temporary bridge will be made and fitted. You will leave the practice with a new smile. 

What can I expect to pay?

All on 4 dental implants start from £13,000.00 and go upto £25,000.00. Most practices will offer payment plans available for big treatments. 

Don’t settle for the first quote, unless you really love the practice you go to. Have a shop around, find out about the methods used, dentists training, facilities etc. 

Is it all done within that practice or you do have a consult here, a cbct scan there and the placement somewhere else. Write a list of questions to take with you. 

I can get this cheaper abroad, Is it a good idea?

This is entirely your decision. Before you go ahead and have your treatment abroad, do your research. Not only on the practice you’re going to but the guarantee on the work. Different qualifications will be needed in other countries, make sure you check this out. 

The process may be cheaper but that doesn’t take into consideration the cost of travel and accommodation. 

Implants need to be checked once a year. Before you go ahead and have the implants placed you should ask your local practice or a practice in the area if they will be happy to check the implant and treat you if you were to have any problems. 

Also, make sure you have insurance. You can never be too careful. 

What if I can’t have implants placed?

If you can’t have implants placed there are other options available to you. 

Dentures – Some people automatically think of huge dentures that look unnatural, bulky and clattery. Modern dentures can be comfortable, natural looking and well fitting. 

You can have them made from various materials. If you have one tooth missing you can have one tooth on a small flexible palate. Don’t be put off. 

Bridges – Bridges can be the conventional style which are anchored on the teeth next to the gap or a small Maryland with wings either side glued to the back of the neighbouring teeth. The bridges may not be as permanent as an implant but they can last up to 10 years and can be matched in to your smile perfectly. 

Bridge V Implant 

Removable dentures

Bar retained denture