Dental Implants: How much is it really going to cost me? Nobody likes surprises – especially not at the dentist! That’s why we’re completely transparent – with all patients, old and new. We’re not in the business of extracting your teeth under anesthetic before presenting you with a bill you weren’t expecting. That isn’t how we work around here. And regardless of whether you’re having Dental Implants, Invisible Braces or just a Scale & Polish: you’ll always know exactly what to expect – before sitting down in the chair. Our business is based, almost entirely, on recommendations and repeat business from happy customers who are delighted with their Dental Implants, and customers who don’t feel like they’ve had their eyes (or their teeth, whatever the case may be) taken out by a masked-bandit in the middle of the night, either. As a leading Newcastle-based Dental Practice; our reputation is, understandably, incredibly important – so we do everything we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new smile and the service you’ll receive. We like to keep you informed, throughout the entire Dental Implant process, starting with a – full and frank – detailed quotation of ALL the work involved. Life-Changing Dental Implants We could start by explaining how Dental Implants will 100% change your life. And how you can’t really put a price tag on being able to confidently smile again, without fear or embarrassment. But you already know that, don’t you? Once you’ve had dental implants fitted, there will be no putting them in a glass on the bedside table. No catching them in your hands after attempting to eat a french stick! They’ll simply create the permanent, perfect smile you’ve been dreaming about – bringing with them a whole new, confident outlook on life. Before After Dental Implants are new, permanent teeth; They look like teeth, they feel like teeth and you’ll look after them in exactly the same way as you’d look after your own teeth: brushing and flossing (Yes, please!) to keep them in tip-top condition, and looking great, too. You might be surprised to learn that new teeth – like a new heart or a new leg – aren’t available in the pound shop or your local supermarket. You might be able to get some fangs – for Halloween, but you won’t be able to pick up expertly colour-matched new teeth, which are identical to the real thing. Just kidding, of course you knew that. Dental Implants are painstakingly fitted to the unique contours of your jaw-line, undetectable to the naked eye, and fit for purpose. That’s our way of saying they don’t exactly come cheap. But with 0%-interest Finance Packages, fixed monthly payments and our current Dental Implant Deals – you won’t need to organise a train heist or rob a bank to get them, either. And now we’ve got that out of the way, we can concentrate on the all-important information you’re looking for: the nuts and bolts on exactly how much Dental Implants are going to cost. We’ll also explain below exactly what’s involved in your Dental Implant Treatment Plan – along with the associated costs for each step of the process. Save Now with our Dental Implant Deals Before we get down to the details, we wanted to let you know that we’re currently running a time-limited, special offer on Dental Implants – on a first-come-first-served basis. If you’re reading this article late, it may have already finished – hopefully not. But we would urge you to Book a Dental Implant Consultation quickly, to avoid disappointment and guarantee these hugely discounted prices: Implant and crown at the back of your mouth £995* Implant and crown at the front of your mouth £1250* Over the past 6 months, our in-house Dental Implant Surgeon – Russell Colclough, has already successfully placed implants for over 100 customers -whose lives have been transformed for a fraction of the usual cost. And we’d like to do the same for you. *The fees quoted above include: implant placement and attachment of a suitable, high quality dental crown. Implants used are manufactured by Camlog and the crown made by our talented in-house technician, Pip Bramah. Free Dental Implant Consultation And the even better news: all of our Consultations are Free. You can Book a Consultation with a Dentist to discuss all of your dental problems – at no cost to you. During this appointment, we will listen to your issues and discuss your unique situation to find the best, and most affordable, solution for your needs. We’ll provide you with all the options available to you and give you a detailed breakdown of costs. Your Dental Implant Treatment Plan True to our word of transparency, though, there are some additional costs, which you will need to factor in when considering Dental Implants. Some of these are compulsory, some are optional. But we’ll advise you on which are applicable to your unique situation during your Free Consultation. Data Collection During this appointment, we’ll gather all the important information we need – about you and your teeth – to give you the best possible result and the most improved smile. We’ll take photographs, do a thorough dental health check and take a 2D X Ray of your mouth – to allow us to see exactly what’s going on inside. At the end of the appointment, we’ll discuss the highlighted issues, and provide you with a full, written Treatment Plan – detailing the time and financial commitment needed to rectify your problems. And you’ll have the opportunity to discuss various different financial options and our interest-free finance packages with one of our Treatment Coordinators. 3D Scan (CBCT) A 3D Scan is a 3-dimensional scan of your jaws and your teeth – taken using the latest in dental technology and 3D imaging. This allows your dental surgeon to get a more detailed view of the inside of your mouth and any issues – relating to the amount and density of bone, which may affect the finished result – before he even sees you! This scan is needed in all but the most simple of cases, but as it’s the Gold Standard in diagnosis and treatment planning for dental implants – it is highly recommended in all, and includes a more in-depth health check to scan for cancer and other abnormalities. In complex cases, a 3D-scan will be required. Implant Cost The implant cost quoted for all Dental Implant Treatment Plans includes the placement of a high quality, branded implant – manufactured by leading dental implant manufacturers: Camlog or Biomet 3i. You Save Money Now on the price of Dental Implants with our Dental Implant Deals – as mentioned above. Surgical guide Based on your 3D Scan, the Surgical Guide is designed to ensure that your Dental Implant Surgeon places your implant in exactly the right position, with laser precision, to give you an even better finished result. If a Surgical Guide is used to place your implant, the appointment will be completed in 50% less time and your gum won’t need to be stitched – resulting in a reduction in postoperative pain and swelling. Surgical Guides are 3D, printed in Germany and they’re the ultimate in surgical precision and speed. And our own dentists would choose to have a Surgical Guide if they ever needed a Dental Implant. Bone Grafting Bone grafting, using synthetic bone, depends on the unique situation inside your mouth, and whether or not you will require replacement bone to replace the bone which was lost when you lost the tooth, or whether you will need additional bone to house your implant. This will be advised during your Free Consultation. Temporary Tooth Having a temporary denture fitted ensures that you don’t spend any time wandering around toothless. Whether or not you have one fitted comes down to personal preference and the position of your missing tooth. It’s completely up to you, but full costs will be provided during the Data Collection appointment. Temporary Implant Crown Temporary Implant Crowns are not usually required, but your dentist will discuss this with you. Permanent Implant Crown or Bridge The crown or bridge is the tooth-like covering, which is placed on top of the dental implant to make it look like your own teeth. Your dentist will discuss your individual requirements and the exact cost with you at your appointment. Needed always Needed most times Needed some times Cost Data Collection ✔ £117 3D Scan ✔ £150 Implant Cost ✔ £995 Surgical Guide ✔ Bone Grafting ✔ £150 – £300 Temporary Tooth ✔ £150 Temporary Implant Crown ✔ £150 Permanent Implant Crown or Bridge ✔ from £800 You can see clearly from the table above that the minimum cost for a Dental Implant is £995 for the implant + £117 for the Data Collection appointment. You’ll also be able to see the maximum cost you can expect to pay, with the added-extras – if you require them. We would advise, however, that the best way to find out the exact cost for Dental Implants – designed to improve your smile – is by booking a Free Consultation to talk everything through with your Dentist – where we can answer any questions you may have. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us – we’re always happy to help! We understand that implant treatment is not a cheap option, however we guarantee to do our best to make it as affordable as possible and will work with you to make it as easy as possible. Don’t put that perfect smile on hold for a moment longer! Ewan Bramley