Teeth grinding is an extremely common habit, bud did you know that it can have a massive impact on your teeth and smile?

Bruxism (the posh name for teeth grinding!) affects over six million of us right here in the UK. There are many different causes for it, but it can be made worse when you’re asleep or by the rigours and pressures of everyday life.

If you suffer from persistent teeth grinding, you need to think about your long-term oral health as it may lead to permanent tooth loss. It may not seem like a big deal at the moment, but abnormal tooth wear, inflammation of the gums and broken teeth are all direct results of teeth grinding.

What are the other major signs of “Bruxism”?

Warning signs of Bruxism, or teeth grinding, can also be picked up if you have aching muscles, pain when you open and close your mouth and regular headaches.

Dr Ewan Bramley says that you should visit a dentist if you’re suffering from any of these dental problems.

He said: “Teeth grinding has been known to cause a disorder in the joints which can trigger clicking, grinding or pain in your joints. You may also suffer difficult opening and closing your mouth.

“When the joint applies pressure to the nerves or muscles and blood vessels near the head, it can give you bad headaches and migraines.

“Headaches can be caused by the way in which your teeth meet when the jaws come together. This is known as dental occlusion. If you do suffer from regular headaches or are experiencing sinus pains or pain in the neck or shoulders, come and visit us as soon as possible and we’ll help you solve and put an end to the issue.”

How can a dentist treat the problem?

If you visit Ewan Bramley Dental Care, a leading dentist on Tyneside, we can look into the history of your teeth and get to the route cause of the problem.

We’ll identify the likely causes of your bruxism and will take models of images of your teeth so we can recommend some treatments.

A very simple and effective night splint can be worn to relieve pressure from the joint and balance out the way the jaws are meeting.

If this doesn’t help solve the dental problem, we could also look at stress medication, and orthodontic treatments to relieve the issue. Simple lifestyle changes can also have a big impact on teeth grinding issues, and we have all of the dental expertise and advice a patient would need to make Bruxism a thing of the past.

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