“I always thought I was too young for aesthetic treatments” 

This is what one very loyal client said to me when she first came to see me about 10 years ago.  However, being irritated or bothered about a certain aspect of your face like a stubborn frown at any age can become a persistent niggle.  And there are treatments to help, often a small intervention is all that is required.

“I look angry at times when I’m actually just thinking!!”

Maintaining a very natural look was paramount to her but she also wanted to reduce to depth frown creases in between her eyebrows and soften the crows feet lines around her eyes.  

The ability to lift her eyes and still express herself was essential, she is a very smiley expressive lady..!!  

All these years later, the muscle in the affected areas continues to respond and her lines and creases have gently reduced as the area treated has been less active for years.  

We remembered initially treatment would last 3-4 months, including a two week review, however, having had repeated treatments regularly she now gets a longer last and hence better value for money. 

The longer term benefits mean that our muscle memory for ‘unsightly’ expression does get almost forgotten as we are not pushing that pesky frown out when in the glare of sun, or when we might be under pressure or stressed out!!

As an aesthetic practitioner of over 10 years I hear this message repetitively, keeping things natural is a more current movement than the frozen, startled look of the past.

Other clients have reported that their friends say “Ah you look well” but without any real knowledge of why this is.


Is Botox treatment safe?

Treatments are safe, affordable and when administered by an experienced prescribing health professional you really can say goodbye to that annoying crease that has become almost an involuntary habitual response.

There really is no absolute lower age limit (within reason) it is certainly more about the physical presentation and the power of the frown.  Unfortunately and fortunately we inherit lots of features from our parents, so as one client once said to me

“I have a man brow, it belongs to my dad…can you help?”  We can respond with “yes of course” and that really is the case.

We can help at Ewan Bramley Skin Clinic, come in for a free consult, really more of an informal chat about what bothers you and I will offer you very honest and realistic outcomes about any of our available treatment options.

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