Broken Teeth

Even the most famous and beautiful amongst us can have a serious mishap from time to time. You just have to ask David who last week broke a tooth in a snowboarding accident.

Even though this may seem slightly amusing, and confirms that even Becks is human, Ewan Bramley Dental Care, a Newcastle dentist, understands that if you break a tooth, it can be extremely distressing. But there really isn’t any need to panic. There are a number of ways to put this right.

There are, of course, many ways to break a tooth, from nasty sports injuries to a freak accident on holiday with your friends and family, we’ve seen it all.

We’ve also had to treat children who have suffered this fate and we know that this can be a scary time for parents but it’s vital to stay calm.

If you are unfortunate enough to have a broken tooth, which we hope you never do, it’s necessary to follow some important steps afterwards. If the break is clean, try and locate the piece of the tooth as soon as possible, this will prove very helpful when your dentist attempts to rebuild the part that remains intact.

When you come to see us, and remember we’re an experienced emergency dentist Newcastle, we’ll take an X-ray of your tooth at its root as well the bone that surrounds it.

When we’re treating broken teeth, we’ll take into account how much of the tooth remains above the gum line, what shape your nerves are in and how you bite. We’ll then look to carry out the treatment right away once we’ve fully understood the situation.

The treatment, naturally, depends on how bad the break is. For example, if only the edge of the tooth is broken then we’ll look at using the composite bonding technique where we will sculpt the broken tooth using a tooth coloured coating, gradually building and remoulding it until we have a natural looking replacement.

If, however, you’ve lost much of the tooth’s structure we may decide that a dental crown is the best way forward – but we always make sure that the remaining tooth is healthy before we treat it.

Regardless of the situation, our team of dental professionals are well placed to get you smiling in no time.

From bridges and dentures to dental implants, veneers and crowns, we’ll always have a solution to get you smiling with confidence in no time.

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