With Christmas just around the corner parents throughout the UK may be forgiven for allowing their children to indulge a little and enjoy all of the festive sweets and treats this time of year brings.

But with record high levels of tooth decay here in the UK parents are beginning to throw their support behind sugar-free sweets to curb the rise of poor dental health and bad teeth among our youth.

According to an online study conducted by the British Dental Health Foundation, almost 50% of those who took part said they would prefer to give their kids healthier and sugar-free alternatives to the sweets they currently enjoy.

Why are parents turning to sugar-free sweets for the kids?

Earlier in the year, a study revealed that almost 30,000 school children had to go to the hospital because of tooth decay and it remains the biggest reason for them having to have general anaesthetics.

Reacting to the recent surveys and parental support for sugar-free sweets our very own Dr. Ewan Bramley said: “I’m pleased to hear that parents are starting to think about cutting back on their children’s sugar intake.

“Many sugar-free sweets taste great, can curb our kids’ sweet teeth and dramatically reduce risks to their dental health. And remember, dried fruit like raisins can be just as bad for teeth as sweets because of their high sugar content. Go with whole fruits as they provide natural sugar as well as vital minerals and vitamins.

With Christmas fast approaching, it’s important that we are all aware of the crazy amount of sugar we can take in. If we don’t overdo it and eat responsibly, all aspects of our health stand to benefit.”

What is Tooth Decay?

Tooth Decay is a result of sugar and bacteria present in plaque reacting with one another. This reaction produces acids that destroy enamel and attack the teeth. If this process continues to happen over a period of time, the enamel will begin to deteriorate creating holes or “cavities”.

More often than not, tooth decay results in fillings or a tooth removal.

How can I stop tooth decay?

As well as having a controlled diet, regular visits to the dentist will help fight tooth decay. An experienced dental team can spot the early signs of decay. And remember, small cavities are far easier to treat than decay that has been allowed to get to an advanced stage.


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