Have you chipped your tooth and need a speedy fix? Do you have a cracked tooth and need a dentist in Newcastle?

Thanks to our advanced dental techniques, Ewan Bramley Dental Care, an affordable Newcastle cosmetic dentist can fix your teeth in no time.

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If you’ve chipped or cracked your tooth because of a blow to the chin or lower jaw, by chewing or biting on something hard, or by grinding your teeth – we can help!

So, what are my options?

OK, so the treatment options we advise depends on how bad the damage to the tooth is.

But at Ewan Bramley Dental Care, our most common methods of treatment are:


We use a special plastic resin to fill in any cracks or chips to the teeth. Our bonding treatments in Newcastle can easily repair a chipped tooth and we can restore the shape of your smile very quickly.

Cosmetic Contouring

If the chip on your tooth is really small, cosmetic contouring in Newcastle will round and polish away the crack, meaning any rough edges will be removed, giving you a healthy looking smile.

Veneers are an incredibly popular method among the stars as a means of getting the perfect smile. A veneer is a fine layer of porcelain material which slots over the front of the tooth. If the tooth isn’t too badly damaged, a veneer is a long term solution and with Ewan Bramley Dental Care’s flexible payment plans, you don’t have to be rich and famous to have them fitted.

crown-beforeafterDental Crowns
If a tooth is badly damaged, and not suitable for our veneer treatments, crowns are the next best option. A crown will fit over what’s remaining of the tooth and will give an amazingly natural appearance. But remember, if the nerve has been damaged or has become infected, we may need to do a little root canal treatment before we begin.



Why is it important to have my chipped tooth fixed?

It’s vital that you get professional advice from a reliable dentist so that treatment can be most effective. If you leave a chipped tooth untreated, this can lead to the death of a nerve and there is scope for a nasty abscess to grow. In a worse case scenario, the tooth could split in two. At this stage, we wouldn’t be able to save the tooth and it would have to be removed. Acting swiftly is very important to your dental and general health!

How much will getting my chipped tooth cost?

The cost will of course vary depending on the treatment you need, but remember this.

Ewan Bramley Dental Care is committed to making cosmetic dentistry available to everyone. So, if you need an affordable, long term solution which will make your teeth look natural and amazing, we have a full range of pricing options and packages to suit your budget

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