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Clear Aligners Consultation North Shields

At last! How to fix your crooked teeth …

… and finally smile with confidence - guaranteed with clear aligners

If you're like most people, you don't like – perhaps even hate – your teeth. But did you know you can now design your own smile?

What's more, the process is:

  • Quick
  • Painless
  • Virtually invisible
  • …and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

It's a bold claim I know. But it's absolutely true. Just ask Laura Mcvay:

“I used to hate smiling before I went to this dentist. My teeth were all crooked, I got the invisible braces fitted and now 6 months later my teeth are beautiful I love them now and can't stop smiling. Just wow I'm so happy and overwhelmed by this. I'm like a different person now all smiles and love my teeth. Thank you so much for everything."

And see what Lisa Price says:

“I used to hate my smile so decided to go for braces. Mr Ewan was very helpful and confident that he could achieve the result I was after. I now love my smile it's boosted my confidence and can't thank them enough for all their help. I would recommend this dental practice to anyone. They are absolutely fantastic in all aspects, thank you so much."

Your free invisible braces consultation

I'm Dr Ewan Bramley.  With my colleagues I've already helped hundreds of people - just like Laura and Lisa - have the beautiful, dazzling, confident smile they desired. If you'd like to join them, please accept my invitation for a 100% free consultation or keep reading to find out more …

Our new – virtually invisible – braces are probably the quickest way to a gorgeous smile. Take a look at the picture on the right and see just how invisible they are.

Most customers begin to see results in just a few weeks. And the entire process takes under six months – twice as fast compared to many alternative treatments. And – of course – we guarantee you'll be delighted with your new smile.

3 simple steps for the smile you've always wanted.

The first step

- It’s easy – and free: just accept my invitation for your free, 20 minute consultation.

To say YES! simply call us on

0191 259 6506

or click here to fill a quick enquiry form. We’re expecting you.

The second step

-Is your free consultation. It's completely painless.

One of my dentists will:

  • Find out about you: why you'd like the treatment and any concerns you might have.
  • Fully explain the treatment – and costs.
  • Give you an idea of how long it will take.
  • Show you how it works.
  • Take two photographs: one full face, the other from your nose to your chin – we call this the smile photo.

  • And finally, we take a full, accurate 3D scan – no dental impressions - of your teeth.

    Design your own smile

    Then – and only if you want to – you can actually see the kind of smile you will have when the treatment is complete. How?

    At your smile design appointment.

    Jake - your in house smile designer – will use the 3D scan taken at your consultation to show you how we can improve your smile. You'll spend 30 minutes with Jake making sure you are 100% happy with how your smile will finally look. If you want any changes made, Jake will do it – so long as it's possible, of course.

    So why not book your free consultation now?

    0191 259 6506

    or click here to fill a quick enquiry form.

    “Ewan Bramley Dental Care was recommended to me by several different people and I am so pleased I decided to have my treatment done here.

    “I visited a different practise for a consultation but as soon as I came to Ewan Bramley I felt confident and reassured in the information they were giving me.

    “The pros and cons were explained fully and there was no sales pitch at all, just information that I requested.

    “All of the staff are friendly and I could not be happier with my treatment and the end.


    From as little as £20 month

    Everyone's teeth are different. So – to be frank - it's impossible to tell you the exact cost before you've had your free consultation. But to give you an idea ... on average our patients only pay £1000 And - if you want to – you can pay over several months - interest free: from as little as £20 / month.

    But that's not all …

    • Free professional tooth whitening – worth up to £300.

    • This includes two hygiene visits to get beautiful, bright, white teeth. And a further two more whitening treatments.

      • Free practice membership – worth up to £180.
      • A free dental health check.
      • Two free emergency appointments.

      • Hurry: Limited spaces – book your consultation today.

        To ensure all our patients receive the attention they deserve, I can only accept a few new ones at any time. So if you'd like a free consultation, please act now:

    Call us on

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  • We can only offer 1 free consultation per patient per procedure
  • We reserve the right to charge for repeat consultations if we do not carry out any dental care