What is a Denture? 

Dentures are removable teeth that are sculptured to fit over your gums and can replace one to all of your teeth. Due to modern technology, dentures can look very natural. At the end of the day, they still have to be taken in and out unlike dental implants.

Due to the fact they are removable, dentures do have their frustrations. 

  • They can move or fall out when eating
  • They can be difficult to wear, especially as your gums change shape over time. 

If you don’t mind your dentures then that’s great! No need to change a good thing! 

However, if can’t stand wearing them, you may want to consider dental implants. 

Implants vs dentures is a common debate.

Yes, implants cost more, but, is this needs to be balanced against a lifetime of relines, new dentures (what happens if you lose it or your dog eats it and you don’t have a spare?!), discomfort…all things to think about. 

Here is a quick run through on the key differences of dental implants vs dentures

Dentures                                                       Implants

Removable                                                        Permanent                               

Can be uncomfortable                                   Not usually uncomfortable

Can easily fall out                                           Never fall out                                      

Can’t eat certain foods                                  Eat what you like

Can reduce confidence                                  Gets your confidence back