Learn All About The Ultimate Solution For Dental Health Problems

Thursday 30th April 6pm-8pm

Are you looking for a long-term solution to revolutionise your teeth and smile? Would you like to learn how dental implants can transform your teeth and dramatically improve your life?

If you find yourself struggling with gum problems, loose teeth and distressing dentures, maybe it’s time for a change.

If you’re fed up with your teeth and current situation remember that millions of us here in the UK are in the same position. But the good news is that frustrating dentures, declining bridges, crowns and bad teeth can be fixed once and for all with dental implants.

Last month, Ewan Bramley Dental Care hosted a dental implants open evening with our specialists and, because of its success, we’ve decided we should organise another event at our state-of-the-art practice in North Shields – and the best part? It’s free! Hurrah!

Let’s take a look at how implants can have a huge and positive impact on your way of life.

If you missed out on the last event and you like the idea of fielding some questions to the experts, register your place at the event today. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW.

So, what is implant dentistry?

When someone has lost a tooth, either through gum disease, trauma or decay, the typical solution is to use dentures. We’re all familiar with dentures, and for millions they are a part of daily life, slotted into our routines without much thought. But many aren’t satisfied with this solution. Discomfort, inconvenience and poor appearance are common complaints and dental implants can provide the best alternative.

What are the main benefits?

The crowns attached to dental implants shouldn’t feel or function any differently to your normal teeth, and will likely look even better and be more durable. As there are no nerves inside the crown or the implant, pain and sensitivity in the tooth are eliminated entirely.

And, not only are dental implants easier to keep clean, they also stimulate tissue growth, strengthening your jaw and nurturing gum health.

Most importantly, you’ll be back to normal quickly, with a healthy life and a perfect smile.

Who can receive dental implants?

Contrary to advice commonly given to patients, almost anyone is eligible for dental implants. Often people with severe gum disease are told they don’t have enough bone to support an implant, or their gum health is too poor. The truth is, an experienced implant dentist can replace missing bone and there are plenty of procedures that can be performed to prepare the health of the mouth for dental implants.

Does the procedure hurt?

It may seem hard to believe given the nature of the work performed, but there should be hardly any pain or discomfort experienced at any part of the procedure.

An experienced implant dentist like those we have at Ewan Bramley Dental Care, will make sure the implants are only applied to a healthy mouth and that a course of pain management is supplied for the period following the treatment, and of course anaesthetic will be used during the procedure.

Dental Implants at Ewan Bramley

Limited time only Dental Implant offer

Why should you come to the Ewan Bramley Dental Implant evening?

If you live with missing teeth or dental pain then you’re well aware of the difficulties you face every day. Whether it’s cosmetic concerns that diminish your confidence or discomfort so severe that eating has become a constant struggle, dental implants will make a big difference.

This evening will give you the chance to learn all the important facts about implants and the opportunity to chat to the experts.

And when it comes to the all-important question of cost we’ll also tell you about our interest-free finance options as well as a whole host of flexible payment plans. On top of this, everyone who attends is eligible to take advantage of an amazing offer that we are currently running – implant and crown for just £995!

See you soon!


Please note, prices quoted were correct at the time of posting, but were for limited offer period only.