Know the facts before you fall foul of rogue teeth whitening

DIY teeth whitening kits that reportedly contain over 300 times the lawful amount of hydrogen peroxide are being used illegally by some salons and beauticians throughout the United Kingdom.

The kits, which are being purchased online by so-called professionals, are thought to be as damaging as brushing teeth with bleach and people are being warned to avoid them.

Experts are warning that teeth whitening – which has seen a dramatic rise in popularity in recent years – if performed or sold by non-experts can have long-lasting damaging effects on a person’s teeth.

The Local Government Association has said that councils must introduce hefty fines and punishments to businesses that treat customers with the rogue kits.

They have also stressed that professional dentists should be the only people allowed to carry out teeth whitening procedures at a registered practice.

Ewan Bramley, a professional teeth whitening dentist in Newcastle said: “I don’t think everyone realises the dangers and the laws that surround teeth whitening, and it looks as though the Local Government Association wants to crack down on its illegal practice.

“DIY kits may sound good on the surface, and promise brighter teeth, but the kits that contain dangerously high levels of hydrogen peroxide is extremely worrying.

“If people want teeth whitening, they should contact a professional dentist as harmful gels can result in burns and blisters on the gums, tooth enamel damage, and nasty mouth infections.”

Some kits found in the investigation were 33% hydrogen peroxide and, according to UK law, gels for members of the public should only contain 0.1% or 6% for registered practitioners and dentists.

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