Our very own Dental Nurse Lynne Murray talks us through her latest treatment. 

IMG_5746Since Ewan is off enjoying his holiday I had my appointment with Chris today.

To help the aligners grip my teeth some “buttons” were added to my teeth. This was done using filling material the same colour as my teeth so you can’t see them at all.

I needed to have some interdental stripping done on my teeth to create space for them to move. The stripping guide is unique to each case and is made up during the smile design appointment with Jake.

Chris used interdental strips and a burr on my teeth to create the space. The process itself isn’t painful or uncomfortable, although the sound of it can only be described as nails on a chalkboard. The stripping takes away a small part of the enamel but this does not cause any serious damage to the teeth.

After this was complete I was given my aligners. I have 6 for the upper teeth and 8 for the lower teeth. They have to be changed IMG_5747every 2 weeks. The aligners need to be worn at all times and taken out only for cleaning my teeth, eating and drinking anything but water.

I have to admit, taking them out to eat is a bit of a skill. Especially when you forget you have them in and try and take them out without anyone noticing!

My next appointment is for an orthodontic review in 1 month.

The photos included in this article show the stripping guide for my teeth.