Does your family need first class dental care? Do you have bad teeth but you’re worried that fixing them will cost too much?

Well, there’s no need to worry. Ewan Bramley Dental Care provides the finest quality and affordable family dental care in a caring and welcoming environment using the most modern-day methods and technology.

We look after our patients in the North East of England and we offer a number of dental services from cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and even children’s dentistry. Ewan Bramley Dental Care specialises in comprehensive dental care, general dentistry and preventive treatments.

We’re pleased to be able to welcome new patients as well as dental emergencies and if you’re a nervous patient, we use the revolutionary Nucalm technique to keep you at ease without the need for drugs.

“The comprehensive and preventive dental care offered at Ewan Bramley Dental Care caters for all age groups and we encourage the practice of preventive dental care. During regular check-ups, our staff will check for signs of tooth decay as well as inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of gingivitis or periodontal disease” explains Dr. Ewan Bramley.

“At Ewan Bramley Dental Care we offer cosmetic dentistry services using the most current, innovative technology to restore, maintain, and enhance the wonderful features of a great smile. Our cosmetic dentistry services include dental bleaching, dental veneers, and Zoom! teeth whitening.”

Our General and Family Dental Care services includes:

Teeth Whitening Services

Dental Crowns Veneers & Bridges

Dental Emergencies

Dental Implants

Full & Partial Dentures

Oral Cancer Screenings

Hygiene & Cosmetic teeth cleaning

So, how much does everything cost?

At Ewan Bramley Dental Care, we understand that sometimes money can be tight but we don’t think that’s a reason why you should put the perfect smile on hold.

We have a 0% interest payment plan and we can organise a package that works for you.

To give you an idea of how much things might cost, you could have fixed upper teeth with dental implants for as little as £333 a month if you borrowed £8,000 over 24 months.

Why not view our free calculator on the website right now so you can see the amazing deals we can offer you and the family.

Cosmetic Dentistry has become increasingly popular and with good reason! Your smile is one of your most important features and can say so much about you.

You should never stop smiling because of inhibitions about your teeth and if you want to get the perfect smile call us today on 0191 259 6506 or submit your information here to set up your free consultation.