Are you hiding your smile in photos because you’re tired of your crooked teeth? Do you often wish your teeth were as straight and beautiful as the ones you see on TV? If you want clear braces, Sunderland residents can get their pearly whites back on track with Ewan Bramley Dental Care.

If you want to get a straighter smile but you’ve been turned off by the idea of having a ton of metal in your mouth, you can breathe a sigh of relief.
By visiting Ewan Bramley Dental Care, your North East and Sunderland dentist, you won’t have to deal with brackets and wires in order to get the smile you deserve any longer.

Our revolutionary clear braces or invisible braces will transform your teeth in no time and you won’t even have to worry about people noticing that you have them on as our clear braces are practically invisible.

“Our clear braces are an amazing alternative for those looking to get a straight smile without being embarrassed with ugly metal braces,” says Dr. Ewan Bramley.

“Our clear braces are practically invisible, which makes it a popular option, especially for adults.”

If you want a straighter smile and clear braces, Sunderland patients can put their concerns to one side and can get the smile they deserve.

Ewan goes on: “Our patients can’t believe how easy it is to wear clear braces and can get on with their lives without other people noticing they’re wearing braces.

“This is definitely a major advantage of getting clear braces. Patients can’t believe how convenient the whole treatment process really is.”

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What are the main advantages of clear braces?

Since our clear braces are custom-made to fit your smile, you won’t believe how comfortable the invisible braces actually are.

“Patients often forget they are wearing them,” explains Ewan.

“Compared to traditional braces, clear braces are the best option when it comes to straightening teeth while still being comfortable.”

Another major advantage of clear braces in Sunderland is how convenient it is to care for your braces. Since clear braces are removable, you can take them out during meals.

This means that there are no dietary restrictions, meaning you can get on with your life as normal.

Imagine being able to enjoy all of your favourite foods while also getting the perfect smile?

Being able to remove your clear braces also makes brushing and flossing easy.

“Some patients have found it more challenging to brush and floss around their traditional metal braces,” adds Ewan.

“Since you can take out clear braces, patients can get into the hard-to-reach spots and still give their mouth a proper cleaning twice a day. This can be harder with metal braces.”

How much do clear braces cost?

If you find yourself neglecting your oral health for money reasons, or putting your dream of the perfect smile on hold because you think it’s beyond your means, then we have a solution to put your mind and bank balance at ease.

Our clear brace consultations are free and our treatments start from just £500. BUT REMEMBER! We can finance your treatment over 12 months at 0% interest!

Talk to us about what you need and we’ll help you. We understand that not everyone has a great credit rating either, but if you can come up with a deposit – you can spread the cost interest free with NO CREDIT CHECKS!

To find out more about your consultation and treatment options to suit your dental needs and budget, call 0191 259 6506 today or click here to contact us.