Are you fed up of your misaligned teeth and looking for a quick way to fix them? Are you sick of your crooked smile and want to get your teeth sorted once and for all?

Well, if you want quick straight teeth, Newcastle has a leading cosmetic dentist that can provide you with invisible braces – a speedy and affordable way to get your teeth back on track.

You keep seeing all these ads on TV for the clear way to straighten your teeth. Perhaps you’re more than a little intrigued by the concept but it somehow seems too good to be true. Or maybe you love the idea but you have no idea if it’s the right option to help your smile.

Now you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about by seeing Ewan Bramley Dental Care.

“We’re proud to be able to offer our patients invisible braces. It truly is the most understated way to straighten a smile without all the metal and brackets,” says Dr. Ewan Bramley, Newcastle cosmetic dentist.

“We have a lot of adults asking us about this revolutionary new way to straighten teeth because it promises an invisibility that other braces just can’t offer.”
Ewan Bramley Dental Care provides a series of adult braces in Newcastle that are worn about two weeks each. As you change the invisible braces, your teeth subtly begin to shift into their proper place, creating the perfect smile.

“Patients have been amazed with the results,” explains Ewan.

“Patients who use our invisible braces feel more confident and happy with themselves. A healthy smile goes a long way and can have a huge impact on your life and your career.

Since the invisible braces option boasts a clear way to straighten your teeth, you can feel confident walking into your next business meeting or parents evening at your kids school without worrying that people are staring at your ugly metal braces.

Ewan goes on: “I have a lot of patients in the working world who were worried that this would affect their professional relationships and their lifestyle. But the minute they tried our invisible braces, they couldn’t believe how little people noticed them.”

Ewan Bramley Invisible Braces are faster than Invisalign – another brand of adult braces – and are custom-made to fit your smile, which means a more comfortable way to straighten teeth.

“A lot of people have raved about how great our invisible braces fit. For people who were thinking about getting braces, the first thing their minds turned to was all the metal that comes with traditional braces and it made them nervous.

“But with Invisible Braces, you’ll feel comfortable wearing them and will probably forget you have them on in the first place.
“The biggest plus to using Invisible Braces is that they are also removable, so patients don’t have to make restrictions to their diets. You can straighten your teeth and enjoy any meal you want.

And remember, brushing and flossing are made easier by the fact that invisible braces can be taken out, unlike traditional braces. You can actually do a more thorough job of cleaning your teeth at home whenyou are wearing invisible braces compared to other more traditional options.

Are you ready to try invisible braces and enjoy a beautiful straight smile? If you want teeth straightening in Newcastle, Now is the time!
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