Facial Aesthetics North East

We have all seen the comedy sketches about not being able to move your face after Botox or the duck pout after fillers but is that the reality?

The answer is of course no, if you have your treatment with someone who is qualified and registered to carry out this treatment. 

So what’s the deal with facial aesthetics?

Botulinum toxin (or Botox for short) are injections that relax the muscles in your face, smooth out lines and wrinkles. This is not permanent and the results usually last for 3 or 4 months. The cost of this treatment varies from £100.00 to £350.00 depending on the area you live in and the clinic you go to.

What should I do to prepare for my treatment? 
Before your appointment, have a clear idea of why you want to have this treatment.
Avoid practitioners who have no training or have completed a short course.
Feel free to ask about their training, qualifications, experience and insurance.
Ask about the product.
Ask them to explain the risks, side effects and what will happen if things go wrong.

Who can prescribe Botox?

Botulinum toxin can only be prescribed in a face to face meeting by a qualified medical practitioner such as a Doctor, Dentist, Pharmacist prescriber or a nurse prescriber.

They may not be carrying out the treatment but the prescriber is responsible for making sure the treatment is carried out safely by a qualified practitioner. 

Is there a reason that I could not have the treatment?

Yes, not everyone is suitable for this treatment.

If you are unwell, pregnant, breast feeding, have a neuromuscular condition, taking certain medications or have a skin condition you may not be suitable for treatment. Your prescriber will go through your medical history before any treatment is carried out.

What happens during the treatment?

The practitioner will mark the areas of concern that you have mentioned and the injection will be administered. 

What will it feel like afterwards?

You will not see the results until 2 or 3 weeks after the treatment.
Aftercare instructions will be given at your appointment. Here are a few things to remember;
Do not massage or rub your face for 3 days.
Avoid vigorous exercise, sunbathing (including sunbeds) and saunas for 2 days.

What are the risks?
After treatment you may have;

  • A headache or flu like symptoms for the first 24 hours 
  • Bruising, swelling or redness where the needles went in the skin 
  • If too much botox is injected your muscles may become frozen

All being said. If you have the right practitioner you will be pleased with the outcome of your treatment. No one will be offended if you have a consultation and decide to go elsewhere. 

Just remember. You do not need to rush into any treatment you are not ready for. 

Here are some links you might find helpful;

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