TV and Radio presenter Fearne Cotton is the latest in the illustrious line of UK celebrities to undergo orthodontic treatment.

Posting a picture of herself sporting her new braces on her Instagram account, Fearne appears to be showing clear brackets on the lower arch of her teeth.

This particular type of bracket is extremely popular at the moment and 35-year-old Fearne made no secret of her use of them using the caption “emBRACE-ing it all”.

Fans of the TV and radio star were quick to offer their support for undergoing the treatment with one person saying “Big up adult braces! I did it too!”

Meanwhile, another fan said she was pleased she wasn’t embarrassed by having braces and paid tribute to her openness: “Love that Fearne isn’t afraid to show what real girls are made of!”

In 2011, her best friend and fellow TV presenter, Holly Willoughby also went through orthodontic treatment for adults.
Like Fearne, she proudly boasted her use of short-term orthodontic treatment and could be seen wearing clear braces on the upper arch of the mouth for a couple of months.

Clear aligners are also hugely popular among other celebs and the trend definitely seems to be catching on within the TV presenting circuit.

Saira Khan, for example, is also going through clear braces treatment at the moment and she recently commented that clear braces were far less intrusive and far more discreet than other treatments of this nature.

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