Toothache is a hot topic at the moment, with millions of us here in the UK having to go through painful extractions and dental treatments to get our pearly whites back on track.

But it isn’t just the physical aspects of this oral nightmare we have to endure, it’s the cost.

Problems associated with tooth decay reportedly cost the UK economy well over £100m every year as a result of people phoning in sick to recover from their mouth based trauma.

The results from a recently published survey by National Smile Month found that one in 20 of us in the UK suffered from dental health problems and were forced to take time off.

This equates to an amazing 1.2m days off a year at a cost to the economy of over £80 per person.

It’s Time For Change!

Ewan Bramley Dental Care – a leading Newcastle dentist – along with the likes of amazing charities such as the Oral Health Foundation believe that much more can be done in the workplace to challenge their employees to take their oral health seriously both at home and in the office.

Our very own Dr Ewan Bramley explains: “A high sugar diet and an irregular brushing routine are all part of a major problem when it comes to dental health and definitely forms part of the reason as to why so many suffer from tooth decay and toothache.

“This is bad news for a person’s health, well-being and for the economy.

“The snacking culture that is commonplace in so many workplaces must change. Enjoying high sugar foods and drinks at the desk while we work is a really bad idea and being tempted by the vending machine a little too often is paving the way for a lifetime of dental problems.

“But it doesn’t just our teeth and gums we should worry about. It’s a whole host of potentially more serious health issues like diabetes and obesity.

“However, it isn’t all bad news. If there’s more education in the workplace and employers provide healthier alternatives, there’s a massive opportunity to turn this situation around.”

Three Simple Steps To Keep Your Teeth Fresh & Healthy…

Ewan Bramley Dental Care believes that getting on top of your oral health and combatting tooth decay starts with the basics.

Here’s how you can make a change…

Step 1

Brush your teeth at least once during the day and then last thing at night using a fluoride toothpaste.

Step 2

Cut down your intake of high sugar drinks and snacks at work. Do you really need a Snickers after that big sandwich?

Step 3

Visit your dentist regularly as and when they advise so they can pick up on any problems before they become worse.

It’s as easy as one, two, three people!

Don’t let your oral health take the backseat any longer. For more information, guidance and advice, visit