Are you searching for quick straight teeth? Are you sick and tired of crooked, stained teeth and want to straighten your smile?

At Ewan Bramley Dental care, a leading cosmetic dentist, we’ve helped hundreds of patients achieve perfect white teeth and an unbelievable smile.

Through an advanced and painless process, we helped Lyndsay Marshall get the smile she’s always dreamed about – and in just over a year her chipped and misaligned teeth were fixed and beautiful.

And remember, we make modern dentistry available and affordable of all. With extremely competitive prices and interest-free finance for all treatments, including quick braces, clear braces and our revolutionary teeth whitening procedure.



Here’s how we did it…

Case study: Lyndsay Marshall

In 2013, Lyndsay came to the practice asking for quick straight teeth and wanted her upper front teeth restored. She was also concerned about the health of her gums and needed our help.

Step 1

One of the first things we did was arrange for Lyndsay to see our experienced dental hygienist to correct any gum problems and prevent gum disease. We gave Lyndsay a professional teeth clean and showed her how to keep teeth free from plaque. Before we carry out any procedure, we need to make sure your gums are healthy and free of infection.



Step 2

After the condition of Lyndsay’s teeth and gums had improved dramatically, we could move things forward and work on restoring her teeth and smile, and we knew our tooth coloured, ceramic clear braces were the way to go. Perfect for adults and effective in driving quick results, our braces remove the need for pain and drills and deliver long-term results. Adults like to use ceramic braces because they blend in with your normal teeth and are far less noticeable than the old “train track braces”. In fact, Tom Cruise famously used this type of brace not so long ago!

Step 3

Once our braces and in-house aligners had guided her teeth into the desired position, in just over a year Lyndsay’s teeth had transformed from being misaligned into a straight and natural-looking smile. What we needed to do to complete the look was teeth whitening. It’s no good having straight teeth if they’re not sparkling and bright! Our teeth whitening can lighten teeth three to eight shades and Lyndsay’s professional treatment worked fast and protected her gums and tooth-root surfaces.

Step 4

Finally, upper anterior composite restorations were placed after tooth whitening to get rid of any annoying chips in the teeth, all resulting in a very happy Lyndsay and a gleaming white, straight smile!

We firmly believe that the combination of our expertise, pain-free treatment, and commitment to 5-star service (including opening hours of 8am – 8pm and Saturday mornings), makes us one of the best cosmetic dental practices in the region!

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