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Are you thinking about going abroad for dental implants?

A dental holiday. Sounds alright doesn't it. Trip to the dentist and a holiday all in one. Not having to tell anyone what you’re having done and just coming back with a great smile and a tan to match. Maybe the package is cheaper in the UK, but, is it really worth it?

The NHS cations that research is essential before you have any type of treatment abroad. Any type of surgical procedure has risks, do you really want to end up in a foreign country having to have a hospital stay over something that was supposed to be straight forward?

Dental treatment of any kind is quite a personal decision. You are pretty close (physically) to your dentist, do you really want to go and have a procedure with someone you don't have a good working relationship with and have potentially never met?

Then there is the after care!

How will they provide you aftercare?

What if you have a problem on returning to the UK?

Are there any hidden costs that you have not considered?

Just some points to think about
  • We speak English! You wont need to worry too much about a language barrier.
  • If you have any problems you just need to ring, make an appointment and turn up. Do you really want to be booking a flight and hotel and leaving the country if you have toothache?
  • You can see what the practice looks like before going for the surgery. Anyone can make a practice look spotless for a photo. What's it really like?
  • We are all held to the standards of the CQC. Yes, they may have a similar governing body but is it to the same standard?
  • We guarantee our work. Do they?

  • No hidden costs! You may feel the procedure itself if expensive in the UK, but is it that much of a price difference when you consider flights, hotels, travel insurance? Are you 100% sure there are no hidden costs?

    Our treatment plans are made for YOU. If you don't go over to that dentist before your treatment how can they make a treatment plan based on your individual needs?

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying definitely don't go abroad for your treatment! You just really have to be sure that it will be worth it!

    You want to remember a successful treatment, not something you have spent a lot of money on and then had to have redone in the UK!

    For more information, download the General Dental Council’s free pdf:
    ‘Going abroad for your dental care?’

    Lynne Heather