Do you want to smile like the celebrities and have beautiful straight white teeth? Ewan Bramley Dental Care offers amazing and affordable Invisible Braces in Newcastle to give you teeth like the stars.

Celebrities are all big hair, flawless skin, slender little bodies – and brilliant straight white smiles. But have you ever wondered how and why they’ve got such amazing teeth? Clear Braces Newcastle the holds the key.

Cheryl Cole, Amanda Holden and Kelly Brook all know that a gleaming smile is crucial onscreen.

They know that it is vital that they look their best on TV and believe their smile is a major part of that.

Invisible Braces have been all the rage amongst our celebs and across the Atlantic for years and, whatever the Americans do, you can bet us Brits will eventually follow suit.

The Yanks are notoriously scathing about British people’s teeth, but now Invisible Braces Newcastle is becoming more common on these shores and it’s never been easier to achieve a smile like your favourite star.

So, even if you don’t look like Cheryl Cole, Ewan Bramley Dental Care can give you a smile as big as hers and you won’t able to resist showing it off.



What Are Invisible Braces?

Adult Braces have come a long way and Ewan Bramley Invisible Braces Newcastle can present you with the opportunity to achieve beautiful straight white teeth without the need for veneers and crowns or the not-so-wonderful ‘train track’ braces.

While a standard brace can take more than two years to create the perfect smile, Invisible Braces – made from clear plastic – can generate results in just four weeks, helping to nudge teeth back to where they belong without the pain, hassle and ugliness of traditional braces.




Clear Braces Cost Newcastle 

With Clear Braces, Newcastle patients and North East residents can get straight teeth in less than 6 months from as little as £500.
We can also finance your treatment for 12 whole months at 0% interest and have flexible payment options to suit all budgets.

We also don’t do CREDIT CHECKS and understand that money can be tight sometimes.

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Why Choose Invisible Braces?

– They can be worn by patients of all ages – young and old.

– They are practically invisible

– The braces don’t cause any friction against the teeth or gums giving you complete comfort.

– They protect the biting/chewing edges of the teeth.

– They are suited to busy lifestyles and for people on the go.

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