Invisalign isn’t the only option for quick straight teeth in the North East!

Would you like quick straight teeth in the North East? Are you fed up of your misaligned pearly whites and need a swift solution?

With Ewan Bramley Dental Care, a leading North East dentist, there’s always a way.

Patients come to us all of the time who want to straighten their teeth, but they really don’t want to go down the ugly metal braces route. But thankfully, we’ve got amazing and affordable invisible braces, which will fix your teeth in record time.

And get this, they’re even quicker than Invisalign braces – which people request a lot. Invisalign can work, but our solution is the only way to go. Here’s how and why.
Why our quick straight teeth treatments are faster than Invisalign!

Our quick straight teeth procedures in the North East are at the cutting edge of fast cosmetic braces technology. And rest assured, we will get you the straight smile you’ve always wanted, and have some amazing alternatives to Invisalign.

Invisible Braces

Our invisible braces are hugely popular because they straighten smiles without the annoying discomfort and not so nice appearance of the old “train track” braces.

They’re great because they’re practically invisible and can be removed easily. Meaning you can eat, drink, brush and floss as normal.

But that’s not all, they are comfortable to wear and they won’t irritate your gums or cheeks.

The treatment is also extremely fast, and if all goes well, your treatment will be completed in months, rather than years!


We’ve got many forms of quick straight teeth methods here at the practice, and our FastBraces® have been nothing short of brilliant since we launched them last year.

They’re fast, safe, and affordable, and they’ll straighten your teeth in record time.

They use special triangular brackets that softly move the crown and the root at the same time and will get you a beautiful smile way faster than normal treatments.

If you would like quick straight teeth in less than six months from just £500, Fastbraces® could get you there.

Depending on how crooked your teeth are, Fastbraces® can dramatically improve your lifestyle, and we could fix your teeth in just a few visits to the practice!

And one of the other brilliant features about this revolutionary brace is that they’re on for much less time than other braces, meaning there’s a far less chance of you suffering from tooth decay and bad dental hygiene.

And when your Fastbraces® come off, you only need to wear the retainers for 15 minutes a day.

Sounds good doesn’t it? If you want quick straight teeth in the North East, come and visit us for a FREE CONSULTATION. Call 0191 259 6506 now to book or submit your info here, and we’ll get back to you!