Everyone loves a selfie. What better way to capture that famous night out or memorable family moment?

Well, here’s the thing. Although selfies, and their outrageously coloured sticks, have taken the world by storm in recent years, they’re also responsible for making people paranoid about their smiles.

According to a recent study, there has been a 30% hike in patients looking to straighten their teeth by using the ever-popular invisible braces treatment that many private dentists offer.

Why? Research undertaken has found that many believe their two front teeth stick out but some have an alternative school of thought as to why people think this. Yup, you guessed it – the selfie!

Of course, thousands of patients throughout the North East and the UK aren’t happy with their smiles, and do need effective treatment. However, you may want to consider your options before visiting the dentist.

In an interview with The Times, dental expert Tim Bradstock-Smith remarked: “The problem with a selfie is that the picture is taken quite close up, so the image can be distorted.

“Teeth often look more protruding than they are in real life, which can also be emphasised by the light of the flash.”

The dentist also believes that because a person’s smile is often the focal point of a picture, “people are understandably driven to make them look nicer”.

Practices, including Ewan Bramley Dental Care, have said that from time to time that patients don’t necessarily need corrective surgery.

And Dentist Bradstock-Smith believes that photos can give people insecurities about their smiles, even though having a slight prominence in your two front teeth is completely normal.

He added: “When they come in person, often the teeth don’t look too bad at all…

“We dissuade two to three patients each week from treatment, and for many others will recommend simple alignment of front teeth instead of major intervention. We even offer tips on taking better photos.”

However, if people are genuinely worried about the appearance of their teeth, Ewan Bramley Dental Care, a leading Newcastle private dentist can help.

Do you want to straighten your smile?

Here at Ewan Bramley Dental Care, a leading North East quick straight teeth dental practice, we’ve welcomed hundreds of patients through our doors who want to straighten their teeth, but hate the idea of the old and ugly metal braces. We don’t like those either and believe people have the right to quick straight teeth in the North East by using discreet braces.

Our quick straight teeth procedures in the North East are at the cutting edge of fast cosmetic braces technology. And rest assured we will get you the straight smile you’ve always wanted, and have some great options including quick braces, and discreet braces.

Our discreet braces are hugely popular because they straighten smiles without the annoying discomfort and look far better than the old “train track” braces. Our discreet braces are also quicker that other leading brands like Invisalign and because we’ve just invested in new cutting edge technology, with the digital 3D Trios Scanner, we can get to the route of your problem fast.

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