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    Imagine only you and us know you wear dentures!

    As general health improves, we are finding more and more people feel embarrassed about wearing dentures and wish to keep the fact a secret. Often the dentures that are chosen are too light for the age of the person, or are too small for their face or are set up in unnaturally perfect alignment.

    Another giveaway are teeth that look artificial or dead through either a lack of translucency, lack of colour change or with the absence of small imperfections. Even if the teeth are set up correctly, often the gum can look artificial, as natural gum is not uniform in colour.

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    We understand how these factors can make you feel unattractive. You lose confidence and smile and laugh less with friends, family and work colleagues: you might cover your mouth with a hand whilst talking or smiling. This is why lifelike denture teeth and gums, personalised tooth positioning and the resulting improved lip support are all essential for improved denture appearance.

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    Dentist North Shields
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