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Do you want to have a celebrity style smile with amazing straight white teeth?

Ewan Bramley Dental Care – a leading private dentist in Newcastle – treats patients with affordable and fast working Invisible Braces in Newcastle, so you can have teeth just like the stars.

Celebrities are all flawless skin, slender bods, and big hair – but one of their main features is straight white teeth. Ever wondered how they achieve the look? That’s right people, invisible braces. Ewan Bramley’s Clear Braces Newcastle treatment can offer you just that.

Kelly Brook, Amanda Holden, and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini all realise that a gleaming set of teeth is essential to their appearance on screen. But remember, it isn’t just the celebrities than can achieve this look, Invisible Braces in Newcastle can give you them as well. And they don’t cost the earth either! Thanks to flexible payment plans and interest-free finance, you can have the smile of your dreams in no time.

So, even if you don’t look like George Clooney or Cheryl, we can give you an amazing smile just like those two, and you’ll be able to show it off much to the envy of your friends, colleagues, and family.

What are Invisible Braces?

While a normal brace can take over two years to create a great smile, Invisible Braces Newcastle – made from clear moulded plastic that is almost invisible– can generate unbelievable results inside of a month. Clear Aligners will gently guide your teeth to a position that looks natural, and they cause no pain whatsoever. They’re also a far better looking, faster and hassle free alternative to traditional metal braces.

Cost of Invisible Braces in Newcastle

With Invisible Braces, Newcastle patients, and our new customers all over the region can attain beautiful straight teeth in less than six months from as little as £500. Not bad eh!

You can also finance your treatment for a year at 0% interest – and we also have flexible payment options for you. So, regardless of budget, we can get you smiling with confidence quickly.

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Invisible Braces Newcastle

Braces have come a long way and Ewan Bramley Invisible Braces can present you with the opportunity to achieve beautiful straight white teeth without the need for veneers and crowns or the not-so-wonderful ‘train track’ braces.

While a standard brace can take more than two years to create the perfect smile, Invisible Braces – made from clear plastic – can generate results in just four weeks, helping to nudge teeth back to where they belong without the pain, hassle and ugliness of traditional braces.

Thanks to Ewan Bramley Dental Care’s expert technology and techniques, your teeth can be gently guided to an ideal position in a matter of weeks and because our Invisible Braces are removable you can take it out to suit your lifestyle.

There are several benefits to wearing this type of brace:

– It can be worn by patients of all ages – young and old.
– It is practically invisible.
– The brace does not cause any friction against the teeth or gums giving you complete comfort.
– It Protects the biting/chewing edges of the teeth.
– It is suited to busy lifestyles and for people on the go.

Invisible Braces Newcastle provides the answer for straightening those crooked teeth once and for all and it doesn’t have to involve frequent and painful adjustments.

The techniques we use here at Ewan Bramley drive quick results!

As it says on the tin, the brace is made from clear plastic and looks similar to a gum shield, worn by people who play contact sports. The procedure involves a series of clear aligners which are responsible for moving your teeth into the desired position.

This brace is suitable for children and adults and is easy to use. You pop the brace in your mouth and remove it before eating, cleaning your teeth or playing sport. It couldn’t be simpler.

Invisible Braces Newcastle is a great example of how your teeth and smile can be revolutionised and are the perfect solution for crowding or protrusion of the front teeth.

While a standard brace can take more than two years to create the perfect smile, this system can generate results in just four weeks.

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Why Choose Ewan Bramley Invisible Braces?

  • They are faster than other leading brands, such as Invisalign Newcastle.
  • They can be worn by everyone regardless of age or sex.
  • They are almost invisible
  • The braces are comfortable to wear and don’t create any friction or irritation.
  • They protect the chewing and biting edges of teeth.

They are suited to all lifestyles, and if you’re a busy bee, you can crack on with daily life and won’t even notice you’re wearing the braces.

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