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Would you like your botox to look natural, so you look just a fresher and brighter version of your usual self?

Have you noticed lines in the upper face starting to develop, with a subtle botox treatment we can gently soften the muscles and allow your skin to lie smoothly over a relaxed muscle.

Whether it is to prevent future progression of lines or to soften existing lines botox really can help.

At Ewan Bramley dental care we always offer a review appointment at 2-3 weeks here we can tweak and tailor your treatment to give you the very best finished result.

Skin care treatments

  • Botox
  • Dermal Fillers
  • Lip Augmentation
  • Tear Trough Treatment

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    Or are you more bothered about the loss of volume to your face?

    Using the very best products we can replace volume that has occurred during the aging process. For example, the cheek line and other areas of definition like the jawline can be reinstated by placing dermal filler in exactly the right spot.

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    Treatments Available at Ewan Bramley Skin Clinic

    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers are a medical device and legally don’t require a prescription in the way botox does, however administration of dermal fillers is equally as important from a safety point of view. We use hyaluronic acid, the brand is teosyal.

    The product is non permanent, generally lasts 6-12 months, sometimes longer. It is a clear injectable gel and it provides instant results. Expect some swelling but only for 24-48 hrs. There is obviously a risk of bruising, arnica tablets or cream do help.

    Or maybe your lips have become thinner and not as defined as they were when you were younger?

    Lip augmentation is very popular in today’s world, modern injecting techniques can really restore your lips back to their former beauty, or maybe you just fancy a very subtle enhancement?

    Lip augmentation

    Working with your natural lip shape, we can restore lost volume and give you natural and plumper more luscious lips. Depending on age and your preference we can select the right product to either replace volume or add more volume. Even thin lips can be volumised, giving you kissable lips that you never thought you could have…

    Tear Trough Treatment

    Would you like your eyes to look brighter and less tired?

    Harriet has recently added Tear Trough Fillers to her compliment of treatments. It can gently lift the hollow and as a result soften the darkened circle under the eye.

    How long do the results last for?

    Treatment results last around 6-12 months.

    Some individuals are born with less fat in the under-eye area and have an indentation commonly referred to as a tear trough hollow… Everyone has a natural valley that sits on top of the rim of bone that encircles the eye. This valley is a natural, normal contour… but some people have deeper valleys than others.

    When the skin is slightly sunken a shadow forms under the eye this is why it often looks like a dark circle. By replacing some volume using a soft dermal filler to the under-eye area we can gently lift the hollow and as a result, soften the darkened circle under the eye.

    What is the treatment process?

    Under-eye dermal fillers are injected into the skin using a cannula. One small needle is placed into to skin via the cheek bone, and then plastic cannula is very gently fed into the correct position and a small amount of hyaluronic acid is deposited into the hollowed area under the eye. The procedure is not painful, clients comment that is is more of an unusual sensation but certainly not sore.

    Using a cannula makes the procedure safe and reduces the risk of bruising.

    Our very own Elaine has recently had this treatment and within a day was able to see some results.

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    Dentist North Shields

    Hi, I’m Harriet

    I am the latest arrival at Ewan Bramley Dental Care.  New to the team, but not new to facial aesthetics I have over 10 years experience in injecting both botox and dermal fillers.

    I have just left the NHS after 23 years of very rewarding and enjoyable nursing.  Nursing the folk in Wallsend has been an absolute pleasure and privilege and something I hold very close to my heart.  However it is time for a change, and with a current interest in aesthetic practise and an established skill set it is the obvious and natural path to follow.

    I’m married to Ewan, we have a collection of children between us.  All of them gorgeous of course and we have Harry too who is absolutely the most handsome dog in town…

    My philosophy is to foster open supportive dialogue allowing clients to feel comfortable and happy to discuss the concerns that they may have with their skin.  The consultation and information giving process is the lengthy aspect of the appointment, but ultimately the most important. This is inclusive of a full medical history, medications, allergies etc.  

    Once this important aspect is completed the injecting certainly for botox and most fillers is fairly slick and quick… 

    Many clients admit to it not being as uncomfortable as the dentist..!!!  And we always have local anaesthetic for the more faint hearted, I am one 🙂

    Ultimately my goal is to give you a bespoke treatment that puts a smile back on your face and a spring back in your step.  And hopefully make you feel just a little bit more gorgeous than you already are..

    It is an exciting venture, an opportunity to develop a service for our dental patients but also for the lovely geordie folk who live within reach of the practice.

    We are keen to develop services and treatments that are in popular demand, let us know your thoughts.  I have spent time recently upskilling and training with some of the leading practitioners in the field, and have an ongoing development training plan..

    If I can’t meet your needs, and hopefully I can, I will support you to find a practitioner who can provide the treatment you require.

    See the price list for full details of treatment offered…

    And I look forward to meeting you if you decide to choose Ewan Bramley Dental Care for your discrete facial aesthetic care…

    Professional treatments customised to your skin concern from PCA SKIN

    Customised skin care that specifically addresses your individual concerns….

    Facials that brighten, tighten and lighten your skin to more progressive peels that gently stimulate new cell turnover.

    Chemical Peels really are suitable for everyone, any skin type can benefit.  Our skin naturally exfoliates, however as we age the process slows down, peels kick start new cell turnover to brighten the skin and give dull complexions a new glow…

    Whether you feel your skin just needs a brighten and freshen up, or if you have a skin problem like acne, acne scarring, rocascia, discolouration or aging skin, the PCA range will have a customised plan that could work for you.  Here’s the low down…..

    The ‘Radiant Glow Facial’

    Often referred to as the skin brightening treatment, with powerful enzymatic exfoliant with anti aging benefits  Great as a one off before a special event, or 2-4 treatments every 2-4 weeks for best results.

    The ‘Detoxifying Facial’

    Deep cleansing facial to unblock pores and remove impurities, minimise acne breakouts.  Balancing oily skin and reducing pore size. Course of 3-6 treatments 2-3 weeks apart.

    The ‘Red Carpet Facial’

    The treatment to lighten, brighten and tighten your skin, with an individualised therapy mask depending on your skin type.  Again fantastic for giving your skin that beautiful glow before you hit the town for that special night or part of an ongoing monthly treat. 

    Gentle Retinol ‘The Mini Peel’ 

    A gentle chemical peel smoothing and brightening the skin, promoting a clear complexion.  With an anti bacterial element reducing breakouts and inflammation, and the retinol booster to increase cell turnover and reduce discolouration and evening skin tone.  Excellent starter peel. 3-6 treatments 2-3 weeks apart. 

    The ‘Advanced Enzymatic Peel’

    Great chemical peel for most clients, helps address pigmentation, aging, acne prone and works well for sensitive skin.  Improves skin tone. Combining a retinol booster to tighten your skin and improve cell turnover. 2-4 treatments, 4 weeks apart.

    Can be alternated with the high strength 4% or 6% ultimate retinol peel

    The ‘Advanced Perfecting Peel’

    Chemical resurfacing in a gentle way and is suitable for all, and especially fine for sensitive skins, improving skin tone and fine lines.  Adding in a retinol boost to improve cell turnover and tighten and brighten your skin. 4 treatments,4 week intervals

    Can be alternated with the high strength 4% or 6% retinol peel.

    Pure Retinol 4% or 6% The ‘Super Perfecting Peel’

    A more dramatic rejuvenation of the skin, perfect for skin with pigment problems, aging, acne scarred and smokers lines.  Deep exfoliation resulting from the prescription strength retinol. Skin will be visibly smoother, brighter with a more even tone. 2-4 treatments with 4-6 week a interval

    Feeling fantastic, promoting well being along with establishing realistic goals ensuring natural results are at the heart are what Harriet is passionate about.

    We at Ewan Bramley Dental Care believe…

    Open, informative care planning without any sales or obligation to proceed. We honestly stand by the belief that there are treatment options available to everyone regardless of age. Looking good is what most of us strive towards but feeling good is really the goal. Often the secret is looking good, your skin looking fresher and brighter and no one can really work out why…

    Come in for a chat, meet Harriet. Hopefully, we can help, or if not we can direct you to a service that will suit your needs if we can’t.

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    Botox Price List

    • Botox Eyes/Crows feet (1 area) £150
    • Brow Lift (2 areas) £220
    • The Brow lift with eyes (3 areas) £260
    • Hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweating) £350
    • Individual packages can be discussed and priced…
    • All treatments include a review in the price

    Botox Newcastle

    Botox is safe and reliable, it lifts and opens the eyes, softenes frown lines, crows feet and smooths the skin by reducing the movement of the muscle underneath. Giving you a fresh, brighter and more youthful look.
    It is non permanent, normally last 3-4 months, and longer with repeated treatments. You still will be able to lift your eyes, smile and express yourself normally.

    Depending on your desired outcome you can have a subtle result or if your preference is a more immobile finish then that is all part of our assessment and personal service.

    It is a prescription only drug and is prescribed by myself. A full medical history is required, drug interactions noted. You will be encouraged to come for a 2-3 week review which will allow me to ‘tweak’ your results and ensure you get the most out of your treatment.

    Dentist North Shields

    DermaPenFNS aka Microneedling

    This is a fairly non invasive treatment, it involves puncturing the skin using multiple ultra fine needles. The puncturing is delivered using a pen style devise that regulates depth of insertion. It is particularly effective at treating lines around the mouth, or any other area where there are fine lines. It works by slightly injuring the skin with the knowledge that injury triggers repair. Aggravating fibroblasts, stimulate collagen production resulting in smoother plumper skin. 3 treatments are recommended two weeks apart.

    Nose to Mouth Lines (Nasolabial folds)

    Rather than wrinkles, these areas are more like a fold and they deepen when you get older.. They often worsen as you lose volume to your cheeks as collagen production tails off during menopause. Replacing volume by injecting filler into the fold can instantly correct the problem. Sometimes replacing cheek volume lifts the folds and actually lifts the jaw line too.


    Corners of Mouth down (Marionette Lines)

    Again this area is more like a fold. Easy to treat, injecting filler using the latest techniques, we can have you looking happy again, and turn your smile back so it’s the right way round!!


    Perioral fine lines

    Using a very thin injectable dermal filler, small deposits of product can be delivered under those lines above you lip. Using small amounts of products to ensure that the lip remains natural and not proud. Other options to consider for this area are the derma pen, skin boosting or skin peels.


    Frown Lines

    Botox is first line for frown lines, however if residual lines are left after botox some filler is an excellent way to give you that finished frown free result.


    Cheek Augmentation

    Don’t think dramatic change, think subtle lift and replacement of volume. Giving you a little definition to your cheek line certainly gives you a more youthful look. The desired volume is your call, all fillers are injected and treatment is reviewed as we go..



    As one facial aesthetic expert once told me this treatment is a game of ‘‘Smoke and Mirrors’ Jaw lines can be a tricky area to inject with fillers, but jowls usually form when we lose volume to our face, so by lifting the cheeks, this can often lift the JawLine. Fillers in the right place along the JawLine is often required too.



    PROFHILO is a new age dermal filler, often referred to as long term hydration for the skin.  It still consists of hyaluronic acid like other dermal fillers but manufactured differently and works in more of a slow release way.

    The chains of the product are shorter and the product is not as structured as more typical dermal fillers.  

    PROFHILO stimulates the skin’s own natural repair mechanism allowing the skin over a period of coming weeks to improve in hydration and look generally plumper.  Giving your skin a glow and making it feel devine…

    PROFHILO skin boosters continue to work for weeks and weeks into treatment, usually upto 4-6 months.  The product is highly pure in the manufacturing process, developed from scratch by IBSA Ha-Derma in Italy.  

    The company believes that by encouraging the skin to self repair, by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin the treatment is more of a cure for dry aging skin, rather than by ‘filling’ and masking the lines with more traditional fillers. 

    We recommend 2 treatments one month apart initially, with a repeat treatment every 4 months, or 2 syringes again at 6 months to keep your new hydrated skin looking great.

    PROFHILO can be used in combination with other dermal filler treatments in the face and of course with botox too.  

    Interestingly PROFHILO can be administered pretty much anywhere..

    It works well for improving the quality of skin on the back of your hands, it is fab for aging skin on the neck and upper chest area.  

    Other areas that can benefit from this revolutionary product are wrinkly knees, back of the arms, post baby abdomen.

    Price per syringe £250

    Initial course £500


    SEE price list for info on SUNEKOS

    PCA Skin Treatments and Peels

    Clincially proven to stimulate fibroblasts to promote your natural collagen and elastin production. The range is comprehensive, and the treatment plan will very much vary on the skin concerns you have . ​Whether you want to combat aging, acne, pigmentation or have a sensitive predisposition t​his range could really improve the way your skin looks. However,this range is perfect for normal skin too and can really put your skin back to its absolute best.

    However, if you just want a treatment to really lighten, brighten and tighten the way your skin looks then the ‘Red Carpet Facial’ could be for you. This provides an instant glow, often referred to as the ‘no peel peel’, it is ideal if you are going to a wedding, or have an occasion coming up that you want to look your absolute best.

    There are a range of ‘medispa’ facials that given you semi lasting results available along with the more progressive retinol peels that require a short period of skin flare and shed rather than peel. To dispel the myth, the 10 years younger peels from the tv really are a thing of the past….

    Feeling fantastic, promoting well being along with establishing realistic goals ensuring natural results are at the heart are what Harriet is passionate about.

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