Do you want a Hollywood style smile?

Yes you heard it right! Would you like perfect teeth and the ability to smile with confidence? What if we told you that we can show you your perfect smile in 3D before you even have any work carried out?

This may sound good to be true, but trust us, as a leading Newcastle dentist, Ewan Bramley Dental Care has the technology to make this dream a reality.

Tell me more about Ewan Bramley Smile Design

We understand that a beautiful mouth is a healthy mouth!

That’s why we are committed to showing our patients how life-changing a beautiful mouth and smile mouth can be.

We are really excited, not only because cosmetic dentistry is reaching a breath-taking momentum, but also because we have invested in some cutting edge technology – Smile Design that we can’t wait for you to experience.

This is a revolutionary digital smile design system that enables you to see exactly how your new smile will look right from the outset of treatment and we can guarantee that you will LOVE it.

And remember, the process is:

Super Quick

Completely Painless

…and we guarantee your total satisfaction

How amazing is that?

Whatever cosmetic dental procedures you may be considering, from braces to implants, by using Smile Design we are able to show you exactly what results you’ll get and how good you could look!

The system gives us a unique set of tools to enable us to clearly explain your treatment plan to you in a language that you’ll understand with images.

You’ll even have a 3D mock-up to get a true feel of what your incredible new smile will be like!

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