Are you a smoker and have you had dental implants fitted? Well, if you light up regularly a new study has found that your habit could severely damage your new perfect smile.

Research into dental implants in China compared how well bones heal in the jaw of both non-smokers and smokers after they’ve had their teeth replaced using this revolutionary treatment.

It has been reported that smoking means that the bone heals at a far lower rate than the bone of non-smokers, and that smoking generally creates larger soft-tissue pockets and greater bone loss. This is bad news for your teeth, gums and your chances of a successful dental implants procedure.

The effects of smoking and its negative impact on our oral and general health have of course been well documented over the years but surprisingly, up until this point, there is little research out there exploring its effects on implants.

This recent study was conducted by a university hospital in China and although it did say that smoking didn’t necessarily ruin the chances of an implant working in the long-term, it did suggest that dentists might have to re-think the standard procedure for those who do enjoy cigarettes.

This follows a recent Spanish study that looked at both smoking and non-smoking patients. The research conducted by the University of Murcia in Spain tracked the progress of dental implants’ success rates in their patients over a five year period and concluded that the failure rate of implants in non-smokers was just 1.4% while those who smoked had a 16% failure rate.

In response to these findings, Dr Ewan Bramley, of the leading private Dental Practice in Newcastle, said: “The studies suggest that people who smoke are more likely to have issues with their dental implants. They could well face an increased chance of infection and their mouths may heal more slowly than those who don’t smoke. And, in a worse case scenario, the implant could fail.”

Ewan Bramley Dental Care recommends that for implants to be successful generally, people should always try to practice good oral hygiene. Brushing twice a day and kicking the smoking habit will stop a bone structure from weakening, a direct cause of dental implant failure.

Also, by visiting your dentist regularly, with exams and thorough cleaning every six months, dental professionals will be able to check if your implant is in a good condition and can pinpoint any issues before they arise.

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