Tooth decay in the UK is a hot topic at the moment with more and more of our children having to head to the dentist for painful extractions.

Yet, according to a new study released by an American Dentistry Journal, chewing an extra piece of gum of the sugar-free variety just once a day could save millions of pounds in treatment and hours of trauma for those who have to undergo surgery.

You may not be aware of this, but the World Health Organisation claims that oral diseases and tooth decay are up there with the most costly health problems.

On the whole, tooth decay is completely preventable yet millions of children worldwide and nearly all adults suffer from it at some stage.

According to the new report, which focused on industrialised countries such as ours, dental costs could be reduced significantly if we all increased our use of sugar-free gum.

So, what’s so great about sugar-free gum and why should we take it seriously?

Put simply, sugar-free chewing gum can increase our saliva production which washes away unwanted food particles.

It also restores the desired level of Plaque PH and is a solid way of preventing things like dental cavities and huge health and cost benefits in the long-run.

Today, the benefits of sugar-free gum are recognised by many professional and regulatory bodies such as the European Commission and the UK’s leading oral health charity, the Oral Health Foundation.

In reaction to the new study, and the on-going belief, that sugar-free should feature in all of our positive oral health habits, Dr Ewan Bramley, a Newcastle Dentist from Ewan Bramley Dental Care, said: “Tooth decay both in in this country and around the world is a major issue right now and we think it’s a significant public health concern. Nearly all adults will experience it and we need to do all we can to make sure that people know how to maintain positive oral health.

“This recent health economic study certainly suggests that sugar-free gum plays a big role in the preventative care of our teeth and gums, and awareness around this should be made on a national scale, combined with other proven techniques.

“Chewing sugar-free gum after meals is a super simple yet highly effective way of improving our oral health and we’re excited about its potential.”

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