Achieve a whiter, brighter smile with Ewan Bramley Dental Care

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Ever considered teeth whitening to give you the perfect smile this festive season? If you want to try teeth whitening, Newcastle has a leading dentist that will make you sparkle.

Whether you want to add a twinkle to your smile for your Christmas party, or you want to perfect your look for that special someone under the Mistletoe, teeth whitening is affordable, safe and simple!

Teeth whitening is one of the most effective and quickest ways to enhance the appearance of your teeth, and many of our patients here at Ewan Bramley Dental Care tell us that they feel more confident and younger. Whitening can also make the staining effects of cigarettes, red wine and curry a thing of the past.

Teeth whitening Newcastle is a procedure developed by our dentists here at the practice to lighten the colour of our patient’s teeth. How? We use a combination of bespoke trays that mould perfectly around your teeth and whitening gel, which you apply in the comfort of your home. Our technique can lighten your teeth by up to 10 shades!

Why do I need teeth whitening?

So, teeth sometimes become discoloured or stained for few reasons. If you smoke, enjoy strongly coloured drinks and food and are on certain types of medication, your teeth can suffer. Of course, going to the dentist regularly and making sure you keep your oral health in check by brushing and regularly flossing helps, but sometimes the damage has already been done. When this happens, we can help!

What’s so special about Ewan Bramley’s teeth whitening?

The procedure is quick and pain-free, and the results will last and last!

As part of our cosmetic dentistry practice, Ewan Bramley Dental care offers a professional teeth whitening service. By using our ultra modern method, our fully qualified and experienced team can dramatically improve and lighten the appearance of your teeth giving you both a beautiful smile and added confidence.

And remember, our procedure is painless, quick and the results last way longer than any of the out-dated old school methods out there.

We promise that our teeth whitening is the most impressive and rapid teeth whitening solution available in the North East!

How does the process work?

Once we’ve made your bespoke trays, we will give you these and the whitening formula to take home, where you can begin the process yourself. By wearing the trays with the gel for an hour each day, you should begin to see results by day 3, with the full effect being apparent by day 7 if not earlier.

The great thing is, because you have the trays and you can purchase more gel – you can top up the whitening whenever you feel you need to!

To help spread costs – a 0% finance option is available on all of our treatments!

Say goodbye to discoloured and stained teeth this Christmas with Ewan Bramley’s Teeth Whitening Newcastle service!

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

Q: I’m worried my teeth will look way too white. Will that happen?

A: Don’t worry, our teeth whitening will make your teeth look natural and white. We’ll advise you on what your best shade should be. Also, you can stop the process when you feel you have reached your desired shade.

Q: Will my fillings, veneers or crowns change colour?

A: No. But to get a perfect match, we can fix those for you.

Q: Will I experience any discomfort or pain?

A: There maybe a little sensitivity when you apply the gel, but any such effects will be short lived.