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Did your teeth become a little too stained or darkened last year? Want a quick and natural solution to get your teeth looking naturally white and bright for the year ahead? Ewan Bramley Dental Care can help!

We are are a leading teeth whitening dentist in Newcastle and have helped hundreds of patients in 2015 get gleaming white gnashers with our amazing quick, safe and effective treatment.

If you need teeth whitening, Newcastle has a number one dentist that can give you the results you need.

Why do we need teeth whitening?

OK, so it may not sound like rocket science, but our teeth can become stained over time due to a number of reasons. Drinking red wine, tea, getting a little older or smoking can all take their toll and take the colour of our pearly whites down a notch or two.

So, if you feel like your teeth aren’t as bright as you’d like, teeth whitening in Newcastle has come a long way in recent years, and we have the solution to get you smiling with confidence!

How can we transform your smile?

Easy! At Ewan Bramley Dental Care, we use the latest dental products available on the market. We like our treatment that much we use it ourselves. We give our patients an industry leading, tried and tested teeth whitening treatment that can lighten your teeth by up ten shades!

Here’s how teeth whitening works…

First, we’ll give you a free consultation at our state-of-the-art practice on the North Shields Fish Quay to let you know what your options are and to double check teeth whitening is for you.

Then we’ll create a dental impression so we can make your custom trays to fit around your teeth perfectly. We’ll then show you how you apply the teeth whitening gel to your custom trays for the best results.

And here’s the best part, once we’ve shown you how to use your new personal kit along with your written instructions, you can take your kit home and whiten your teeth in your own time, to fit with your schedule and it takes just an hour a day for a maximum of seven days to reach your desired shade of white.

The Ewan Bramley Dental Care teeth whitening procedure is quick and pain-free, and the results will last and last!

As part of our cosmetic dentistry practice, Ewan Bramley Dental care offers a professional teeth whitening service. By using our ultra modern method, our fully qualified and experienced team can dramatically improve and lighten the appearance of your teeth giving you both a beautiful smile and added confidence.

Oh, to help spread costs – a 0% finance option is available on all of our treatments!

Say goodbye to discoloured and stained teeth with Ewan Bramley’s Teeth Whitening Newcastle service!

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