Why should I spend money on my teeth?

This is a question many people ask. Why can’t I just leave them and then visit a dentist when it’s necessary? 

Well, you can! You don’t have to see a dentist every 6 months or visit a hygienist. It is advisable to do so for your own health, but hey, if you are happy to leave your teeth until they need treatment then you do that. 

But…..this is why you should make that trip at least once a year….

The good of your teeth! 

If you leave your teeth until they need treatment you may be too late to save the tooth. What happens if you have decay that is left and left then you get an abcess and some good old facial swelling and the tooth has to come out? One appointment a year could save that pain and tooth! 

We can save your life! 

Dentists are trained to spot all kinds of nasties. They can spot oral cancer…did you know that most dentists spot the early stages of this disease and it can potentially save your life?

Hygienists don’t just clean your teeth!

They help stabilise your gums, which in turn, can keep gum disease at bay and can help stop your teeth falling out! A hygienist will also give you some advice on oral health and hygiene. Sometimes you need a little push in the right direction! 

Come see us once, twice or even three times a year. Pay as you go, join a plan. Whatever is easier for you

Okay, okay, I have booked my check up. What exactly happens in this appointment?

Your dentist will take an x-ray so they can see what’s going on under the surface. A chart of your teeth will be done so they can monitor any changes over time. (This is all the numbers and letters you hear the dentist telling the nurse). The dentist will then examine your face, neck, lymph nodes and check your jaw joints.  Your teeth and gums will be checked as the dentist looks for any signs of gum disease, loose teeth, decay, broken teeth or damaged fillings and lastly will check the soft tissues in your mouth and the tongue. 

If you wear any type of dental appliance, it will be checked at this appointment so make sure you bring it with you. 

Do I need to tell the dentist if I am taking any medications?

Yes please! We will need to know all the medical conditions you have and medications you take. This isn’t because we are nosey, its to ensure that if any antibiotics are given they won’t affect your current medications or conditions and if you have a medical emergency in the practice we know the right way to respond to you. 

Do I have to have the treatment the dentist is advising?

No, you can get a second opinion. You can delay the treatment until you feel it’s needed. We can’t force you to have treatment but we can advise you what needs to be done. 

Why are private dentists more expensive than the NHS?

This is down to time and materials. Most private dentists have the luxury of using more expensive products that other practices may not. You will find appointment times in a private dentist are longer purely because we can. NHS practices have targets to meet. 

Is it better to go to a private dentist?

This is 100% your decision. We can’t say yes and we can’t say no. If you like a dentist and trust them then stick with them. Simple as that really.